Automatic Gates/Parking Barriers

We are also implementing Automatic Gates for villas and Parking Lots; this can also control with remote, or card or even advanced contact less RF technology. For advanced mode of access you can also incorporate ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system in it.

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CCTV Security Systems

Still the Analogue system has market because of its reliable and economic performance. It includes CCTV cameras using High Resolution CCD components from leading manufactures LIKE SONY, SHARP and PANASONIC and Digital Video Recorders all manufacturing...

IP Based NVR Systems

IP-Cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVR) now captured the market because of its highest image quality in Megapixel range, we have very high quality Megapixel IP based Systems suits for all level of clients from single storied to multiple storied buildings as per MOI Qatar rule.

ANPR (LPR) Systems

We are using latest technology for Vehicle Access to Office premises or Parking Lots by Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. It commonly known as License Plate Recognition System(LPR) also It avoid the delay in showing the proximity cards in the gate sensor, instead of...

Access Control Systems

Access Control system and Time Attendance Systems from SEECAM are wide range and very popular and it includes biometric (finger/face detection) protection for your home/office or your premises. You can add 4 layer protection (Password/Finger print/Face Detection/Proximity Card)...

Building Management Systems(BMS)

We have Building Management systems – BMS that can control access for all entry and exit points, it can be connected with sensors to detect any abnormalities like fire, Gas Leak, protection of critical areas by motion detection and so on, all can be monitored and managed by Central location.

Assets Security

Applied Automation also concerned about the Assets security, it includes GSM Alarm System using PIR motion Detectors, movement detectors and smoke detectors. This type of security is most important for small and medium business owners, the system will monitor any intruders, after working...